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Thank you for visiting the American Sign Language Connection™ and your interest in the Let’s Sign Together™ program. If you are here, then you have been called to learn sign language for yourself or a child. Many parents and teachers I speak with report that they have ‘always wanted to learn to sign,’ yet haven’t made the time for themselves or didn’t know how to get started.

Well... NOW is your time and HERE is where to get started.

ASL is the unique language used by Deaf and hard of hearing individuals that has attracted the interest and admiration of
hearing people throughout our country. With almost 2 million
Deaf and hard of hearing people in the US and Canada using ASL, the fact that ASL is now accepted and offered as a foreign language in schools and colleges across America and the many articles being published about the benefits of signing with children, it’s no wonder that it has become the 4th most popular language in our country! There are currently more than 90,000 students enrolled in sign language classes (more than a 16% jump from just a few years ago).

The linguistic, social, emotional and cognitive benefits of signing with babies are incredible and indisputable...

Research has proven that signing with children:

  • Reduces frustration for babies and their parents and caregivers by giving them a common language before the development of spoken language
  • Reduces tantrums as babies feel understood and are able to communicate wants, needs and feelings using signs
  • Strengthens the bond between babies and parents by cultivating feelings of being understood by one another
  • Boosts babies’ sense of self-esteem as they feel understood by parents, family and caregivers
  • Accelerates spoken language development and improves vocabulary lifelong!
  • Supports cognitive development, as children who were signed to as infants were reported to score an average of 12 points higher on IQ tests (according to studies by Linda Acredolo, Ph.D., and Susan Goodwyn, Ph.D. see research and resources)
  • Facilitates communication for special needs children with limited spoken language and/or auditory processing issues.


Every time you learn a new language,
a new person is born inside yourself.
~ Anonymous

It is our hope that learning to sign fosters that incredible and magical connection with a child, inspires connections to the Deaf community and helps you find a creative way of expressing yourself!

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